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Din Rail Industrial PC

August 11th, 2012

Din Rail mountable industrial PCEdex Technology Sdn Bhd /Malaysia / Singapore

Edex offers Industrial embedded systems that support Din rail mounting.

The rBOX104 DIN-rack fanless embedded computer is suitable for intelligent computing and communication solutions in critical environments, such as power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, and intelligent transportation systems. Built for rugged environments, the rBOX104 DIN-rail computer supports extra low power Intel® Atom™ processors Z510PT and Z520PT with extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C for use in extreme operating environments. The fanless design increases reliability, extends MTTR, and ultimately reduces maintenance efforts. Front accessible I/O cabling is very convenient for wiring and maintenance. The rBOX104 DIN-rail computer features a redundant Ethernet LAN connection for greater availability and reliability. Supporting Power-over-Ethernet on ports 1 to 4, the rBOX104 Din-rail computer can power IEEE802.3af compliant devices and transmit data simultaneously, which helps save wiring costs and makes it ideally suited for outdoor applications such as PoE IP camera, PoE Access Point and intercoms. Their compact size with DIN-rail mounting allows for easy installation into control cabinets. The rBOX104 DIN-rail computer meets Safety Agency requirements and has passed heavy industrial EMI/EMS testing. To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launched AXView monitoring software package. By importing private MIB, Axiomtek platforms with AXView could be easily integrated into standard SNMP-based management systems. Base on standard SNMP protocols, AXView contains a variety of easy-to-use management utilities, agent services and libraries.

“Featuring up to six isolated COM ports, IP30 housing, wide operating temperature range and Safety/EMI/EMS compliance, Axiomtek rBOX201 goes a step further from what is already available in these industries.  It helps expedite time-to-market for intelligent computing and communication solutions in harsh environments. ” said Eric Chiang, Product Manager of Product & Marketing Division at Axiomtek.  “This ready-to-run computing system outfits AXView monitoring software package for a total solution.

Isolated Port Design
The rBOX201 has a unique isolated port design that prevents ESD and over-voltage by offering magnetic isolation protection.  The rugged Din-rail embedded unit is compact in size yet still equipped with up to 6 isolated RS-232/422/485 COM ports, 2 isolated Ethernet ports and 1 isolated DIO port.

Designed for Extreme Temperatures with Fanless Operation
The rBOX201 utilizes the reliable yet low power consumption AMD LX800 processor with no fan, specifically designed to withstand operating temperatures ranging of-40°C to +70°C 

Safety & EMI/EMS Compliance
The fanless compact embedded system meets Safety Agency requirements and has passed heavy industrial EMI/EMS testing to provide operational reliability and stability.

Intelligent AXView & SNMP V1/V2c
The rBOX201 features SNMP V1/V2c support for secure network management.  To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launched exclusive “AXView” monitoring software package for customers to build their own management systems easily and quickly.

Other Features
Its cableless design inside casing and front accessible I/O cabling are convenient for wiring and maintenance.  To address demand for wireless connection (3G or GPRS) we have made available one Mini Card slot and one SIM card socket onboard.  In addition, the rBOX201 adopts two power paths and 12 – 48VDC power input with a terminal block.  Pre-installed with Linux, Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® XP Embedded, the system provides programmers with a friendly environment for developing application software at a lower cost.

The robust rBOX201 with intelligent AXView package will be available by early May, 2012.  For more product information or pricing,  or contact one of our sales representatives at info@edextech.com

Advanced Features
·      AMD LX800 processor with CS5536AF chipset
·      Wide operating temperature:-40°C ~ +70°C
·      Supports 6 isolated COM ports (rBOX201-6COM) & 4 isolated COM ports (rBOX201-4COM), 2 isolated10/100Mbps Ethernet port, 1 isolated DIO (4-IN/OUT) (rBOX201-6COM) with magnetic isolation protection
·      Supports intelligent AXView monitoring software package and SNMP V1/V2c
·      Supports two power paths and 12 – 48VDC power input with terminal block
·      Din-rail and wall mount
·      Supports one CompactFlash™ socket, 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 VGA output
·      Supports 1 Mini Card slot and 1 SIM card socket onboard for wireless connection (3G or GPRS)

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