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Embedded solution

April 30th, 2011

Edex’s embedded solutions- Windows embedded-Linux-Mini OS-Tibbo OS

Edex Malaysia ( HQ : KL / Branch : Penang) would like to introduce you our latest embedded solutions. When talking about embedded PC or non PC  solutions, we can’t run away from two major embedded OS namely XP embedded, WinCE,Windows 7 embedded, Linux embedded. On embedded controller, we have propriety OS , RTOS, Mini OS and newly introduce TIBBO OS & Android.

In year 2001 we were evaluating NT embedded before moving with XP embedded in year 2003. From there on, we have successfully integrating client’s applications for Mass implementation in both Indutrial and commercial field.

At Edex, We provides both embedded Hardware platform with embedded OS for our clients to achieve the reasonable and effective ” TIME TO MARKET” factor. Meaning to say, Once you receive our embedded platform, you are able to jump start your application. From a single unit to hundreds of units. we provides good reasonable quantity discount base on your stage of implementation. Our focus is clear, as long as you are looking for above microcontroller of applications, we will have a solution for you.

After  working with Edex on your applications on embedded, practically,you do not need to find the second source as you will find our solutions are proven in all aspects.

On Embedded controllers, we have :-

TIBBO -ethernet controllers modules

ARM controllers module

80188 controller module

Above are controllers that comes with own kernel and OS excepts ARM contollers support Win CE and Linux / Android. Each of them comes with own IDE or development tools.

For X86 Embedded PC platform, we have :-

Special low powered DMP X86 CPU modules from ICOP

Medium / high end X86 CPU modules from Axiomtek.

For the above platfrom, we support OS from DOS, Linux, XP embedded ,Win 7 Embedded, Windows CE, RTOS, QNX etc.

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For X86 platform, we have quite a number of form factor. Please inquire within. Call us at +603-77858260 or email us with the subject embedded solution. we will arrange you a demo or introduction to you at your convenience.