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Axeon GSM & GPRS wireless solutions

January 16th, 2011

Edex has just released the latest Axeon industrial wireless solutions covering the following products range :-

1. GSM / GPRS Modem.

2. GPRS / 3G VPN routers with VPN Firewall server


4. 2.4 Ghz ISM Band serial ot 2.4Ghz Modem & IO link

The above products will be a good tools for our valued customer to integrate into their Industrial computing and embedded computing platform.

For further inquiry : please call us at +603-77858260 / email us at info@edextech.com

Some features of GsM products as below:-

“user friendly & easy installation”

¨ GSM SMS & GPRS Supported

¨ Quad band GSM supported

¨ 9 to 24VDC supported

¨ Magnectic Antenna & Miniature PCB Antenna

¨ Tested with major Operating system for data and SMS mode

¨ MMS, TCPIP , UDP/IP and iMOP supported

¨ Wall mountable

¨ Power down mode supported Via DTR signaling

¨ LED indication for wireless connection

Our GSM solutions is a very cost effective solution that can be deployed across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Wireless Mobile – Automotive, Fleet Management, Smart Phones
  • Wireless Fixed – Emergency Services, Security & Surveillance, Healthcare, Traffic Control, Industrial System, Vending & Retail, Automated Meter Reading, Information Display, Fixed Telephony