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GSM Modem Malaysia

April 19th, 2011

GSM-GPRS Modem news update
Edex Malaysia( HQ : KL / Branch : Penang) has just launched the USB interface GSM/GPRS Modem and now setting a new milestone to launch the Ethernet interface /TCP interface GSM/GPRS modem soon. Axeon GSM Modem with serial interace has been rolling out smoothly in many applications that with 24/7 operation. Starting from Dial up, SMS and MMS, the New GSM/GPRS modem will include the voice function on customised basis.

A quick update on the features of GSM /GPRS range of products :-

User friendly & easy installation
preset timer function for refreshing connection to the mobile operator
GSM SMS & GPRS Supported
Quad band GSM supported
10 to 30VDC supported
Magnectic Antenna & L shape Antenna
Tested with major Operating system for data and SMS mode
MMS, TCPIP , UDP/IP and iMOP supported
Wall mountable
Power down mode supported Via DTR signaling
LED indication for wireless connection

** we provide three types of antenna as follows :

We have other GSM products as well as below :-

You may click here to get more information about these products

GSM /SMS alert Modules, Data logger with SMS /GPRS functionality, SMS alert system , Tiny SMS gateway etc.

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