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Indusoft Version 7.1 released

July 14th, 2012

Indusoft V 7.1 released  – news from Edex Technology –Distributor in Malaysia & Singapore

Indusoft V7.1 -Edex - Malaysia & Singapore Distributor

Being distributor for Indusoft SCADA & HMI package in the South East Asia region, On behalf of Induosft USA, Edex is proud to announce  release of InduSoft Web Studio® v7.1, the latest version of its award-winning software. This newest version offers enhanced interface capabilities for use on a variety of smart phones and tablets, as well as revision control and intuitive project
InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 provides an enhanced Studio Mobile Access (SMA) client that works with any HTML5
web browser to display alarms, trend and critical tag values. It also adds easy-to-use widgets (gauges, switches
and text boxes) to monitor and interact with process values (tags) on any current browser, including those found
on iPad, iPhone (iOS Safari), Android phones and tablets.
Alarms and other information can be sent via multi-media formats such as a PDF to an email account, a printer
or a smartphone in real-time or as historical data. InduSoft v7.1 connects to any SQL database including but
not limited to MS® SQL, MySQL®, Sybase, Oracle, MS Access®,  and ERP/MES systems such as SAP. It also easily
connects to Excel® and other popular PC-based programs. InduSoft v7.1 provides a built-in interface for trends,
alarms/events, grids and other objects without requiring SQL programming.
The InduSoft Collaborative Tool and Application Lifecycle Management option is available for an additional
license. It enables users to compare any configuration file, as well as merge changes from multiple developers.
This option also offers support for source control and interaction via Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server for
lifecycle management.

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 provides the following features:

InduSoft Releases Web Studio v7.1

Over 240 built-in drivers to allow plug-and-play 2-way communication with

most PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers and bar code/2D/RFID

readers. Toolkits to help users build their own drivers for other devices.

FDA traceability with built-in functionality to create 21 CFR part 11 compliant

projects with e-signatures.

Graphics and design tools that can be combined with built-in objects to create

any functionality required. A library of objects to allow project creation with a

consistent “look and feel.”

An optimized trend history module designed to load up to millions of values

from SQL Relational Databases, with built-in data decimation in Trend Control.

Tools to provide quick creation of and access to Statistical Process Control

(SPC) values without programming.

Multi-Language support including English, Portuguese, German, and French.

The ability to take an application created for Windows CE and deploy it on

any supported Microsoft operating system, including Embedded and CE,

Windows® 7 (and soon Windows® 8) and Server editions.


Sales Contact: Mr. CC Lee  Director of  Business Development

Edex Technology Pte Limited

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