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Industrial communication news

December 22nd, 2012

Industrial communication & Networking solutions

Edex Malaysia started to provide Industrial communication products since 1997. Stared off from converters RS 232 to RS 485, Multi-serial ports solutions and fiber to serial solutions. We have currently expand to many others area involving Industrial switches and some other Machine to Machines (M2M) solutions.

Current products & solutions are :-

Introducing RING REDUNDANT RING managed Switches

The Real-time Redundant Ring Switch offers fault-tolerant industrial Ethernet with ring network topology. The built-in ICP DAS proprietary Cyber-Ring technology detects and recovers from a fiber or copper link failure within approximately 300ms – for the majority of applications a seamless process. Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU and OPC supported, SCADA application can monitor status of Ethernet and fiber port with Modbus or OPC protocol. And, the relay output facility can deliver warning signal while dual power or network link failure.

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