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Industrial computer malaysia

April 18th, 2011

Your reliable Industrial computer & PC solution in Malayisa.

Edex Technology Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur and branch office in Penang. With more than 12 years experience in providing the industrial computers in this region. We carry and distribute many types of industrial pc formfactors namely Micro Boxes, shoe box, Rackmount industrial pc, wall mount IPC and Rack mount industrial workstation PCs. In this week highlite,  we wish to provide you an overall update of Axeon Industrial computers and workstation  solutions as below : -

Rackmount IPC – Our hot selling products :

from 1 U up to 6 U Rackmount, we offer multiple ISA ,PCI and PCI-e that is suitable for many industrial applications. For some cases, we do customisation as well.

For Shoe boxes and micro boxes form factor Industrial computer, we have the followings choices for fit your needs.

1. 4 slots ISA/PCI and PCI + PCIe slots desktop and wall mount ready.

2. 6-8-10 slots ISA/PCI and PCI+ PCI-e desktopand wall mount ready.

The above are suited for applications that having space constraint and require mounting on another enclosers or it could be also laying on the desktop. All the above form factor provide a very good ventilations and varieties of IO intefaces and cables routing options.

Please  look at our diffrent chasiss types and form factors at the following link http://www.edextech.com/products-page/industrial-computer-system-and-network-appliances/ for more info.

If you need our sales personnel to contact with you please email to info@edextech.com or call us at : +603-77858260 .

thank you and you have a nice day.