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March 26th, 2012

Edex – The One stop Indutrial Embedded system & Embedded pc provider

March 25th 2012

Industrial embedded products update. – X86 Embedded board for Linux, Win CE and XP embedded.

This week, we would like to share with you Lowest powered X86 platform offered by ICOP , the inventor of  x86 Mitty SoC (System-on-Chip) technology.  Their reputation on offering solid embedded SBC (Single Board Computer) for the applications where small footprint, low power consumption, wide temperature, etc., are concerned. With more than 20 years effort in this field and experience. EDEX Tehnology is working hand in hand with ICOP in providing the best lowest powered X86 platform that support our clients in building many industrial and commercial embedded systems and applications.

The design concepts:-

The above design concepts has made the X86 embedded platform so powerful to take on some special applications that has not been able to be done by a normal PC  before. for example, Quick boot time, has been very useful for automation application and also for some fleet management system where the boot up time is critical in provide GPS tracking when the vehicle moves.

Some of the main features are listed as follows:-

  • 10 years life-cycle support
  • Low power consumption (+5V@320mA)—-1.6W
  • Single voltage +5V Input (DC) DC
  • cold boot at -40 degress celcius
  • Wide Temperature support up to 85 Degress celcius
  • Built-in PWM x 16~32 Channels (GP0/GP1/GP2/GP4) /Sample code available
  • Built-in I²C Bus (Inter-Integrated Circuit) x 2 with sample code
  • User can use GPIO P34/P35/P36/P37 to implement I²C  protocol
  • GPIO_P0 & GPIO_P1 with interrupt support (input/output)
  • Approved Devices nADI ADXL345 (3-axis accelerometer)
  • MEMSIC MXC6202 (2-axis accelerometer) nHoneywell HMC5843 (3-Axis Digital Compass)
  • Devantech SRF08 (UltraSonic Ranger)
  • self defined ID for code protection
  • SD card interface module supported
  • Built in MTBF counter – when MTBF is up the MTBF light will light up
  • LVDS / TTL interface support most Flat panel
  • Schematic Diagram available for board layout reference

Operating system Support:

Free DOS,DOS 6.22,DR-DOS,x-DOS,OS/2 n

Win CE 5.0/ 6.0

Win 98, Win XP Professional, Win 2000 (SP4).

Windows Embedded Standard (XPe)

Embedded Linux support:

XLinux nDebian  4.0/5.0 nUbuntu 8.04  nFedora 10 nCentOS 5.0 /Puppy 4.1.2 and 4.2 /Slackware 12.0 /

Update driver source to www.Kernel.org (2.6.30) We provide the Driver Package 2.6.3

All the VSX series ( 300Mhz)  and VDX ( 800Mhz) comes with many form factors.  Please click here for more information.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 603-77858260  or email us at info@edextech.com to find out more about the pricing and stock availability.

You have a nice day.   Embedded marketing team.