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Industrial touch panel

May 14th, 2011

Your long term benefit of using

Axeon industrial Touch panel with HMI software

Edex Malaysia ( KL/PJ/Melaka/Penang) offers several types of Industrial touch panels. Axeon industrial HMI panel, standard touch LCD panel and Graphical operator panel. In term of touch screen, we have resistive touch, capacitive touch, IR touch and SAW touch panel.  In this issue, we wish to emphasize on the Axeon industrial HMI panel and we wish to high-lite to you the benefits of using our HMI panel.

Ranges of industrial touch panel :

- 3.5″ Axeon  industrial touch panel

- 5.7″ AXeon industiral touch panel

- 6.5″ AXeon industrial touch panel

- 10.4″ AXeon industrial touch panel

-12.1″ Axeon industrial touch panel

- 15.1″ Axeon industrial touch panel

-17.1″ Axeon industrial touch panel

-19″ axeon industrial touch panel

All the above comes with optional : IP standard IP6x -water proof/Indusoft HMI software / OS : Win CE, XP embedded/ flash storage sizes / PCI slots/GSM /SMS/ Second remote display

Why you need to use AXeon industrial touch panel  ?  below are some of the listed benefits.

  • Long term support & Development – Powered by Most powerful HMI/SCADA package ( INDUSOFT) hence you need to learn only once and for all your HMI and SCADA apllications in future.
  • Powerful database integration. Support SQL,Oracle and major database.
  • Efficient Web ready solution with no extra cost ( for single client)
  • Optional Dual display support you may second display for viewing .
  • Large HMI symbol bank – variety of ready symbol for most engineering applications.
  • GREAT TCPIP integration & connection.
  • SMS alert option for alarming  integration
  • Wide Hardware support list — more than 200 over communication drivers available for most PLC and controllers/ temperature controllers/power meters etc in the market.

CALL US NOW ..at +603-77858260 if you have any requirement of the above.  or email to us at info@edextech.com . We will send our products specialist to work with you on your requirement.

Thank you.

EDEX PC based Automaiton marketing team.