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IPC based solutions

January 20th, 2012

IPC based solutions ( Axeon Industrial HMI Touch Panel powered by Indusoft)

EDEX TECHNOLOGY ( Malaysia) 20th Jan 2012
This week, we would like to highlight to you One of the IPC based solutions that involve SCADA /HMI in the industrial Automation field.

Powered by Indusoft Axeon Industrial HMI panel provides a complete sets of IO interface from RS 232,RS 485,RS 422, USB, Ethenert for easy interface to any external equipments. Below pictures are the major list of PLC / instrument support from different manufacturers.

If you are the indusoft Users having a development key of indusoft, we are will provide free workshop training on how you are make use of Axeon HMI touch panels for all your project. Some of the features are listed as below :

  • WEB READY  -  HMI panel act as host of web server to serve all other clients including portable device
  • DATA LOGGING – provide a local data logging or external device like USB / Network storage etc.
  • DATABASE integration – support major database like SQL/ORACLE and any microsoft related database
  • LIBRARY / SYMBOLS- All practical Free library and symbols
  • SMS Integration
  • ALARM /Trending / Hitorical trending supported.
  • VBX and Indusoft own math script supported for complex calculation and tasks.
  • REdundancy – HMI panels can run on HOT standby mode

Below picture show how the INDUSOFT Development platform able to link to AXeon HMI touch panel.

The Development layout

EDEX offers HMI panel from 5.7″,8.4″ ,8.9″,10.1″,12.1″,15″,17″,19″. Within these panels we some are IP rated up to IP 66 with full cable accessories for IP 66 environment use. some features of the panels can be seen in the picture below:

For IP 66 rated ( AX-GOT 812 / AX-GOT-815 )  featuring.

  • 12/15″ XGA high brightness color TFT LCD with LED backlight
  • Water/dust-proof design (full enclosure: IP66)
  • Wide operating temperature range of -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Sunlight readable design
  • Anti-force outdoor application

IP66 AX-gOT815 - side view

Where can you purchase this, As EDEX is the distributor for AXeon Industrial HMI panel together with Indusoft, we have dedicated partners through out Malaysia and South East Asia region.

Please do not hesitate to call us at +603-77858260 or email us at  info@edextech.com or you may click here to find out more about the option of products.