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M2M gprs & 3G wireless solutions

April 23rd, 2011

Axeon GPRS Vpn & 3G vpn router for M2M

Edex Malaysia (K.L /Penang) introducing  wireless VPN solutions that is suitable for many monitoring and data acquisition applications.  Axeon  M2M wireless solution consists of   3G & GPRS modem, router and VPN+Firewall server/gateway provide a reliable data communication between the remote area to the Host that is usually located at the city center. It provides a reliable communication platform for most of the industrial application like Telemetry, water industry,Banking industry,environment,traffic and transportation.

3g-gprs router

OVerall system layout as follows : -

The 3G and GPRS router is of industrial grade , it could supports NON-RUIM, VPN, WIFI .etc, meets all your needs. It could be used all over the world and work well under extreme conditions.

As for our VPN Firewall and VPN gateway,  some common supported features  are :

Network Address Translation (NAT)



Load Balancing

If you are interested to know more about the products and solution. Please contact with us at +603-77858260 or email us at info@edextech.com

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