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Motionnet PC based Motion control

April 30th, 2012

PC based motion control solutions — The Motionnet High speed Serial bus motion control

Introduction to Motionnet motion control solutions :


Motionnet® is a high speed serial communication system with data transfer rate at up to 20 Mbps. This technology is widely applied in factory and machinery automation industries.
One Motionnet® master chip supports 64 slave devices including digital input/output, analog input/output, pulse counter, temperature and motion control modules. Through Ethernet cables, slave devices are connected in a linear topology. It reduces a lot of wiring complexity and cable cost.
Motionnet® transfers 4 bytes of data in 15.1μsec for cyclic communication. The cyclic communication command is executed every clock cycle processing 4 bytes of the reserved memory spaces for specific commands. Others are transmitted in a communication frame. The data change time of a specified module for both types of commands are predictable by a simple formula. With time deterministic feature of Motionnet®, which is a very important issue for real-time application requirements provides a perfect framework for factory and machinery automation systems.

We offer  two types  of solutions :

PC based interface — USB & PCI inteface  :

USB or PCI interfaced master devices (cards) are also provided for diagnosis or PC-based controller. USB-L111 is easily portable which makes it more convenient on testing and diagnosing Motionnet slave devices. PCI-L122-DSF has 2 Motionnet Rings and digital input/output control. PCI-M114-GL has 1 Motionnet Ring and one 4-axis motion control module.

SLAVE Devices

Motionnet slave devices which could be categorized into 3 categories, digital I/O, analog I/O and motion control. According to different requirements on the connector, there are pluggable, flat ribbon cable connector types of DI/O modules. Analog I/O modules support single end and differential modes. Products include voltage and temperature input. Pulse counter is a good surveillance tool for encoder or any pulse generators which captures either the amount or frequency of input pulses. With respect to motion control, Motionnet provides customer motion control modules that can be used together with either servo driver/motor or stepping driver/motor from different vendors.

Motion Controlllers

PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) series offer users perfect solutions on industrial and automation control system according to variety requirements. There are 3 types of PAC devices in production – EasyPAC (EPC), SmartPAC (SPC) and TurboPAC (TPC). Based on Motionnet technology, the PAC systems form a highly extendable, wire saving and time deterministic development environment. The delicate circuit and mechanical design contributes a compact size, fan-less cabinet and high vibration tolerant hardware circumstance.

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EDEX PC based Automation marketing  30th April 2012