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pc based machine control

February 27th, 2011

Introducing PC based machine control solutions

Edex provides three type of PC based machine control platforms :

Industrial PC based, Embedded PC based  and programmable controller based Automation and control.

Conventional Industrial PC couple with IO boards is one of the most common platform that we are providing. Now, Edex has  taken another steps to work with our valued customer in working on Win CE and Windows XP embedded that give another level of cost effective and and more reliable solutions for medium and low IO counts machines.

The above are some of the IO boards and IO modules that are suitable for machines Automaton and integration.

The New  MPAC  with EZProg programmable Win CE devices running on the AMD LX800 and Intel Atom has lead the new trend in PC based Automation. It is one of the low power and high performance Real time multitasking Automation platform for machines building industry. Below is how it looks like : -

It provides all necessary for machines maker, eg . Local IO and remote IOs, Motion control up to high speed 4  Axis and expandable real time IO (FRNET) etc.

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