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PC based Remote IO modules

February 25th, 2012

Remote IO modules  — products update

New series of remote IO modules provide more variety of interface ie  Digital IO, Analogue input and output support voltage and current input and output,thermistor,thermocouple, RTD , STrain gauge input. With all the above IO modules, lots of automation and data acquisitions on a computer based can be achieved more easily.

Further more, the new series of IO modules have dual protocol build in. That means, when you purchase the new series of M series of  ICPDAS IO modules, automatically, you will have Modbus protocol supported other than the conventional DCON protocol.

The following diagram shows some of the features and modules type available :-

Introduction to the PC based Remote IO for automation and Data Acquisition :-

The I and M-series – RS 485 ) DCON protol and modbus RTU protocol

ICP DAS 7000 series distributed I/O modules offer the most cutting edge data acquisition capabilities for your industrial control needs. The ICP DAS I-7000 distributed I/O modules are available in a bevy of Digital and Analogue configurations, which are communicable via RS-485, as well as capable of interfacing with ICP DAS’s own proprietary DCON software interface. The I-7000 series are the ultimate selection in Remote I/O Data Acquisition Modules.

With these products, you can use the serial port on your laptop or desktop PC to connect to voltage inputs, thermocouples, strain gauges, rtds or any analog or digital sensors. The I-7000 Modules have low power consumption and require 10 ƒ?? 30 VDC. They come with free DCON Utility configuration software for setting them up and they also come with Free EZ Data Logger software for PC based data logging. The I-7000 modules are perfect for small or large systems.

The ET Seris — Ethernet IO series ( Modbus TCP )

The ET-7000 are remote web-based Ethernet I/O modules that feature a built-in web server. It allows configuration, I/O monitoring and I/O control through a regular web browser. Remote control is as easy as surfing the Internet. No more programming or HTML skills are needed; users can create dynamic and attractive web pages for I/O monitoring and I/O control. They support Modbus/TCP protocol for seamless integration to SCADA software. The ET-7000 offers easy and safe access for users anytime and anywhere!

NEW method of Interconnect easy site wiring work :

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