Intel® Celeron® M PC/104 CPU Module with Intel® 910GMLE + ICH6M Chipset, DualView, SATA and PC/104-Plus Expansio

The AX12280 supports an onboard fanless ULV Intel® Celeron® M up to 1 GHz plus 512K L2 cache with FSB 400 MHz. Powered by the Intel® 910GMLE+ICH6-M chipset and ITE8888G PCI-to-ISA bridge, the AX12280 offers LVDS+CRT, DualView, USB DiskonModule and PC/104-Plus for both 16-bit ISA and 32-bit PCI expansion, and supports up to 1 GB of DDR2 400/533 MHz system memory. The ultra low power CPU module is suitable for small size and limited space applications, such as thin client, transportation and portable medical equipment. This full-function PC/104-Plus CPU module also supports ultra low voltage Intel® Celeron® M 600 MHz plus 512K L2 cache and 1 GHz plus 0K L2 cache processors. The AX12280 is a small yet powerful solution that combines the fast data throughput of PC104-Plus with the low power features. In a small rugged form factor, the AX12280 provide a full set of I/O features including Gigabit Ethernet, AC’97 codec audio, four USB 2.0 ports, one PATA IDE port, two RS-232, two SATA-150, one PS/2 port, and digital I/O. Additionally, the built-in Watchdog Timer has enhanced the system reliability. The board is required only +5V power input.


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