The EM1000-TEV development system has been designed to aid you in developing data terminals, data collection devices, and control equipment based on the EM1000 embedded module. Hence, the abbreviation: “TEV” stands for “terminal evaluation”.

The EM1000-TEV is supplied with a sophisticated Tibbo BASIC “terminal” demo application that demonstrates the use of all hardware facilities of this development system. The application implements a hypothetical data collection terminal complete with onscreen setup menus, browser interface, event log, etc. The latest version of the application can be obtained from Tibbo website

  • TEV-MB0 motherboard with EM1000-512K-ST module. The EM1000 can optionally have a GA1000 Wi-Fi slave module installed on top of it.
  • TEV-KB0 keypad board with 16 keys and 4 LEDs.
  • TEV-LBx display board. Three different display boards are currently supplied

                     - TEV-LB0 (shown): carries 128x64, black/white WINSTAR WG12864A LCD panel (SAMSUNG S6B0108


                     - TEV-LB1: carries 128x96, 4-bit RITDISPLAY RGS13128096 OLED panel (SOLOMON SSD1329 controller);

                     - TEV-LB2: carries 176x220 AMPIRE AM176220 TFT panel (HIMAX HX8309 controller).

  • TEV-IBx interface boards. Four boards can be installed at the same time, and two board kinds are currently supplied:

                     - TEV-IB0: RS232/422/485 serial port board (each EM1000-TEV system has two of them);

                     - TEV-IB1: 3 x opto-input/ 3 x relay output board (each EM1000-TEV system has two of them).

                        Opto-inputs can optionally be used to connected


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