Din Rail IPC rBox200

Din Rail IPC rBox200

Robust Din-rail Fanless Embedded System with AMD LX800 + CS5536AF and 1 Isolated DIO (8-IN/OUT)
The cost-effective rBOX200 comes with a low-power AMD LX800 processor with extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. Its 8-in/out DIO port provides users with the digital devices connection, and its redundant Ethernet connections provide greater availability and reliability. With its built-in VGA output interface, the rBOX200 is suitable for use with SCADA systems. Besides, multiple built-in serial ports and USB 2.0 ports enable fast data computation and acquisition. To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launch “AXView” monitoring software package for customers to build their own management systems easily and quickly. To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launched AXVIEW monitoring software package. By importing private MIB, Axiomtek platforms with AXView could be easily integrated into standard SNMP-based management systems. Base on standard SNMP protocols, AXView contains a variety of easy-to-use management utilities, agent services and libraries.
Features :

  • Fanless and cableless design
  • Supports AMD LX800 processor
  • Wide temperature operation of -40°C ~ +70°C
  • 1 isolated DIO (8-IN/OUT)
  • 2 isolated 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • 2 watchdog timer
  • LED indicators
  • SNMP V1/V2c
  • Support one CompactFlash™
  • 2 power paths with terminal block and 12-48VDC
  • Supports AXView monitoring software package

Ordering information :

Robust Din-rail fanless embedded system with AMD LX800 processor and 2 isolated DIO (8-IN/OUT) (-40°C ~ +70°C)
512 MB ~ 1 GB (with W.T. memory)
1 GB or above (with W.T. CF)
Wall mount kit

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