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SF650 Finger print reader

SF650 Finger print reader
Product Name : Web base enabled fingerprinter reader
Model No. : SF650
Introduction : SmaFinger 650 is a biometric fingerprint reader which can identify users by fingerprints as well as identity cards. Its fingerprint + card option can store fingerprint templates on the card instead of system database. While having all the features and functions of other fingerprint readers sold in the market place, what makes SF650 stand out is its fast response fingerprint reading. You might have come across slow fingerprint readers or hesitant ones missing out totally due to angular placing of finger but thanks to Advanced Minutiae Based Algorithm (AMBA) and GIGA-TMS exclusive engineering SF650 is the fastest recognizing fingerprint reader in its class and its quick response time has impressed our satisfied customers, both system integrators and end users.
TCP/IP is a standard interface feature for SF650 and its the Web Management Discover Software configures it either for single or multiple devices located anywhere around the world. Seeing is believing. Please contact our sales representatives and ask for the details of the lightning fast SmaFinger 650 reader and experience it for yourself.

TCP/IP & Network enabled
4 in 1 interfaces: ABA TK2, Wiegand, RS232 and RS485
Online enrollment
Multi-color LED indication
Supports relay control
Multi-user card design for ease of use with additional users

SF650-00 Capacity sensor type
SF650-OP Optical sensor type
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

Time attendance
Access control

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