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Web based Time attendance reader

Web based Time attendance reader
Product Name : Basic Programmable Time Recorder
Model No. : TR610
Introduction : The TR610 is the first open source Basic programmable time recorder in Promag TR family.
Features : Bright, clear LCD display
Based on RFID technology available with 125KHz and 13.56MHz version
10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
RS232 serial port for connecting external serial devices such as a barcode scanner
Two relays to control external loads, such as an electronic bell and a turnsite.
1024KB internal flash memory stores approx. 21,000 event log records
Wall-mount or desktop operation ( programmable display orientation)
Internal backup battery for the real-time clock
Firmware and internal application may be upgraded through the network or serial port
Built-in Web server for administration and event log download
IP address configuration using DHCP
Time/Date synchronization through SNTP
Works with Tibb AggreGate
Internal application written using Tibbo Basic and may be customized

Time attendance

Available versions : ( programmable or Time attendance and Access control ready version)
TR610R 125KHz EM formart version
TR610MF 13.56MHz Mifare UID version

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