15&quot; XGA TFT IP66-rated Fanless Touch Panel Computer (-20&deg;C ~ +60&deg;C)</p>

The GOT-815 series comes with an industrial-grade design for rugged conditions, operates well under sunny/rainy conditions, in dusty/wet spaces such as food factories or kitchens and many other severe applications. Powered by Intel&reg; Atom&trade; processor N270 1.6 GHz with Intel&reg; 945GSE Express chipset, the GOT-815 delivers great computing performance at low power consumption. The GOT-815 consists of IP66-rated water/dust-proof stainless steel housing and six IP66-rated connectors designed to protect the entire system from outside damage under any rugged environment. This series has passed the IP66 test by SGS and the verified salt mist test and the marine grade test by IEC60945. This robust unit supports anti-scratch capacitive type touchscreen up to 7H to ensure operation stability and durability. The front bezel is made of stainless type 316 to resist corrosion. To withstand extreme range of working temperatures, Axiomtek has equipped the GOT-815 to perform in temperatures ranging from -20XC to +60XC. This panel computer accommodates sunlight readable technology that integrates high brightness 800 nits color display with LED backlight and capacitive touch technology, allowing the screen to be legible even under strong sunlight.</p>


  • 15" XGA high brightness color TFT LCD with LED backlight
  • Water/dust-proof design (full enclosure: IP66)
  • Wide operating temperature range of -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Sunlight readable design
  • Anti-force outdoor application
  • Built-in piezo speaker (optional)

Ordering Information

  • GOT-815R (P/N-E22B815100) 15" IP66-rated touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ N270 and resistive touchscreen
  • GOT-815R-WiFi (P/N-E22B815101) 15" IP66-rated touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ N270, resistive touchscreen and WiFi
  • GOT-815C (P/N-E22B815102) 15" IP66-rated touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ N270 and capacitive touchscreen
  • GOT-815C-WiFi (P/N-E22B815103) 15" IP66-rated touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ N270, capacitive touchscreen and WiFi


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