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Indusoft in Building Automation & energy manangement

Indusoft in Building Automation & energy manangement

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning provide comfort and safe working conditions, so don’t allow unexpected failures to catch you off guard. Real-time monitoring and trending of system performance, efficiency and output allow you to predict problems before they occur. Scheduled maintenance is not easily forgotten when staff receive an email or message on their mobile phone providing notification of the exact operation to be performed. From changing a filter to lubrication, to full system tests that may be years apart, let InduSoft’s SCADA software provide the peace of mind you need.
Intelligent lighting scenarios create efficient operations for employee convenience.  InduSoft Web Studio provides solutions to monitor and evaluate trends in lighting usage, as well as report and log maintenance records to any format desired.
The remote viewing of real-time surveillance video, logging of personnel entry/exit, door status, window sensors and dedicated security system monitoring makes InduSoft Web Studio an excellent choice for your building’s automation system.
Energy Management

InduSoft has thousands of installations dedicated to energy management. Customers have noticed savings in the 20 to 50% ranges are not uncommon. Wireless and remote installations, collecting data and reporting back to a centralized facility helps customers manage many locations at once.

Building Automation Example Application
Download the Building Automation Application by clicking here.

Tips to use this example:

- This demo was designed with a flexible architecture, so it can be used as a template for real-world applications. Depending on the requirements, the customizations can be done mainly by changing values in a database (Building.mdb MS Access file, stored in the root directory of the application).

- When running the application, the settings from the database file are automatically loaded. It may take a few seconds. While the application is loading the settings, you will see the text “Loading. Please wait…” on the bottom of the home screen. When all settings are loaded, the text aforementioned is hidden and you can navigate using the buttons on the header.

- The Map screen allows you to operate the building using a rich graphic interface. You can click on different floors of the building (on the right side) to visualize any floor. Clicking on any icon (Light, HVAC, Sprinkler, Elevator, Escalator, or Camera) will display a dialog with the commands and features associated to the specific icon. You can also use the link “Simulate Fire” on top of the building to simulate fire alarms.

- The Summary screen allows you to visualize the status of many devices at a glance. You can also use the buttons in the “Simulation” box to simulate alarms (failure) for each device. Furthermore, you can select any specific device in the list and click on the large icon on the upper-right corner to launch its dialog screen.

- The Scheduler screen allows you to define actions that are executed automatically on the specified time (HH:MM). You can create weekly profiles and load them at your convenience. Furthermore, you can select any action from the list and click on the button “Manual execution” to execute the action immediately (e.g.: Turn on all lights in the building, set the temperature to a specific value in all floors, and so forth).

- The Trend screen allows you to monitor the history of several points. You can click on the pre-defined provides (Default, Power, or Temperature) or even customize the look-and-feel of the trend. You can also use the built-in tools available in the Trend toolbar (zoom, remove pen, add pen, print, etc).

- The Alarm screen allows you to monitor the current alarms and the history of alarms. You can use the links to “Acknowledge all alarms” (current alarms) and to “Filter alarms” (History of alarms).

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