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Indusoft in packaging industry

Indusoft in packaging industry


  • Monitor status upstream and downstream, InduSoft Web Studio can communicate with most PLC’s, dedicated controllers or databases. When you need to prevent critical machine stoppages, count on IWS to share the information. By logging and trending your buffer size, tuning your accumulator couldn’t be easier. Prevent blocked or starved situations and keep your line running smoothly.

  • Monitor pressures, temperatures, relative humidity, current operator and any other traceability parameters. InduSoft Web studio can create applications that are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Heat zones can be monitored. Use recipes to instantly setup new product changeover. Create custom reports with time and date stamped lot information.


  • Whether your capping process is manual, automatic or semi-automatic, InduSoft canhelp make your process more efficient. Create pareto graphs to identify quality issues, before products ship to customers. Easily enter parameters for gripper width, belt height, location setup, cap feeder levels, and sorter setup.


  • Share information between feeder, guarding and safety systems, drives, lubrication systems, all on one screen. Have a long or large machine? No problem! Use InduSoft’s Web Thin Client to deploy low-cost workstations at multiple key locations around the machine. Keep the operator more efficient, reduce downtime, and make more products.


  • Case/Tray forming, gluing, folding, lidding, wrapping and strapping operations demand reliable monitoring and information. Give the operator the information they need to keep the machine running smooth.

  • Create modular, yet customizable conveyor architectures. Display information directly from drives and automated controls systems. Share status information with machine PLC and other controllers without the need for expensive gateway hardware. Provide status remotely. Alarms and other parameters are sent to remote stations, or even mobile phones. Real time information is presented in a user friendly display.


  • Stand alone or multi-lane feeders can be fine tuned using InduSoft Web Studio. Adjust vibration frequencies, directions, lane adjustments and feed rates. Animation provides the visual feedback operators need. Even on small 4-6” displays, position and rotation animation allows operators to be more efficient and make setup changes reliably. Product changeover time is reduced using built-in recipe functionality. Portable feeders can even be moved from machine to machine with drastically reduced setup time.

  • Change bag length, rate, seal time, weight, and gas dispensing parameters. Simultaneously display data from PLC, checkweigher and inspection equipment, including metal detectors, and vision systems. Why force the operator to look at many different displays? Simplify your design!
  • Coordinate product change over. Use handshaking and communication with upstream equipment to ensure bags are not filled with the wrong product. Track change over in any SQL database for future inspection.


  • With over 240 built-in drivers and the ability to use OPC servers, InduSoft Web Studio can communicate with nearly any inspection equipment. Eliminate costly specialized interfaces. Metal detection tunnels, vision systems, and even X-ray systems can be combined on one simple interface.
  • Alarms are issued visually, audibly, and remotely. Take the guesswork out of your operation.


  • Integrate with barcode, 2D and even RFID tag printers. Imagine coordinating the printing and scanning all in one device. InduSoft works with most scanners, via USB, keyboard wedge or dedicated devices.
  • Do you manufacture printer technology? Embed InduSoft CEView right in your printer. Provide your customers with great looking displays and setup pages right to any web browser.
  • Coordinate directly with MES systems and download data right from plant floor systems. No longer write custom code for each customer. Easily integrate with production systems and existing back office environments.


  • Shrink wrap tunnels to pallet wrapping; let InduSoft scale to meet your machinery needs. Run InduSoft Web Studio software on devices as small as a few inches to large flat panel displays that are easy to read from any location. Create large easy to read displays, that communicate to just about any temperature controller.
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