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Indusoft SCADA Web Studio

Indusoft SCADA Web Studio
InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio™ is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions. Utilize InduSoft integrated Web technologies to take advantage of Internet/intranet connectivity. Click on the icon on the left under “Additional Resources” or

  • Save Time – View your process from your desk or web-enabled mobile phone using a standard browser (Internet/intranet including XML support)
  • Clear Information – Multi-language (UNICODE) so operators understand immediately
  • Save Money – Develop once and deploy on any Microsoft supported platform including Windows CE , Mobile, XP Embedded, and Server editions
  • Flexibility – Support for your PLC or controller, more than 200 drivers, OPC (client and server), and TCP/IP
  • Fix Problems Fast – Understand alarms quickly, visually on-screen, or via E-mail, PDA, mobile phones or web browsers
  • Enterprise Integration – Easily tie into ERP and “back-office” systems using built-in relational database connectivity
  • Reduce Downtime – Use open technologies (ActiveX, .NET) to visualize documentation, repair videos or audio messages
  • The information you need for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Worldwide Trust – Since 1997 InduSoft has issued more than 125,000 licenses
  • User Interface:
    Our ribbon interface features logical tool/object grouping, and
    the ability to open multiple documents simultaneously. The interface is so easy and
    intuitive it’s called the Rapid Application Confguration Environment (RACE).

    Security System:
    Native support for distributed security systems, and full
    integration with Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP allows you to take advantage of built-in security. IWS also supports users assigned to multiple groups.

    Graphic Enhancements:
    New 3D style buttons, embedded icons on buttons
    and convenient “Command” access give IWS a strong graphic interface. A new feature supports dynamic rotation for external imported pictures.

    IWS 7.0 contains over 240 built-in drivers for most PLCs, temperature
    controllers, motion controllers, and bar code/2D/RFID readers. New or updated drivers for Eaton ELC, Siemens, Opto 22, CAN, CANopen, and BACnet have also been developed.

    Continuing its tradition of OPC classic support, IWS v7.0 supports OPC UA (Client) and OPC Xi (Client).

    New one-click online translation, including support for
    Unicode fonts for global compatibility.

    Confguration tools:
    New easy to use confguration interfaces for FTP and
    SMTP email. Send alerts straight to e-mail or a smartphone!

    Embedded License:
    Now there is a reduced footprint full feature version
    specifcally for Windows Embedded operating system deployments.

    Intellectual Property Protection:
    Documents, scripts and even math
    worksheets can be individually password protected. This prevents unauthorized viewing or editing of your corporate custom functionality.

    Save Screen Shots Dynamically:
    IWS v7.0 supports fve diferent image formats to use in documentation, reports, historical status, or email attachments.

    InduSoft Releases Web Studio v7.1
    • Over 240 built-in drivers to allow plug-and-play 2-way communication with most PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers and bar code/2D/RFID readers. Toolkits to help users build their own drivers for other devices.
    • FDA traceability with built-in functionality to create 21 CFR part 11 compliant projects with e-signatures.
    • Graphics and design tools that can be combined with built-in objects to create any functionality required. A library of objects to allow project creation with a consistent “look and feel.”
    • An optimized trend history module designed to load up to millions of values from SQL Relational Databases, with built-in data decimation in Trend Control.
    • Tools to provide quick creation of and access to Statistical Process Control (SPC) values without programming.
    • Multi-Language support including English, Portuguese, German, and French.
    • The ability to take an application created for Windows CE and deploy it on any supported Microsoft operating system, including Embedded and CE,
    Windows® 7 (and soon Windows® and Server editions.

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