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single board computer

April 29th, 2011

Single board computer for industrial PCs

Over the past 12 years,Edex Malaysia ( HQ: KL / Branch : Penang) has been actively involved in single board computer ( SBC) business mainly for building Industrial pc platform.

single board computer-intel core I

A core I series SBC or SHB

A PICMG 1.3 Backplane :

 From PICMG 1.0 to current standard of PICMG 1.3, Our Industrial PC has been evolved to provide a reliable and high performance to cater for many applications in telecommunication, Automation , video capture and Mutimedia .

For PICMG 1.0 SBC , Our system still supporting ISA slots and PCI slots where it meets the requirement of PC based automation that still producing lots of IO board that able to run on Linux and even latest windows Operating system.  we offer up to 14 slots with PCI and ISA slots  Backpane that accomodate SBC and IO boards.

For PICMG 1.3, Our system offers variety of combination of PCI and PCI express slots to support the trend of some PCI IO boards has moved over to PCI-express. With this SBC, we are able accomodate high end graphics board for some applications that requirement rich and high performance graphics applications.

To find out more information of our newly available configuration and boards, please click here  or email us your requirement at info@edextech.com or call us at : +603-77858260.

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