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PC based Machine Automation solutions:

The industrial automation and industrial panel PC is using machinery, software and electronics to integrate and control facilities to achieve advanced management, maintain overall performance, save human resource cost, and ensure the quality. Edex has the right industrial embedded system an special embedded system products and tools for PC based machine building. Related products :

  • Industrial computers
  • PC based Automation and measurement IO Board and modules
  • Industrial HMI panel and SCADA softwares
  • Industrial touch Panel system

Embedded Solutions:

Many commercial and industrial Applications can be realised from a controllers and embedded pc devices. Eg. Security system, car Park system, ticketing system, vending systems, Digital signage/ public information system , data loggers system etc. Edex provide full range of embedded platform from a Risc CPU to X86 CPU that suit your products development and projects.

  • Ethernet based Embedded controllers
  • Ebox systems
  • X86 embedded boards
  • Touch panel systems

Network Security Solution:

UPM (Universal Port Management) is a mainstream networking security technology to offer firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, content filtering, anti-virus and other advanced security functions. This infrastructure is much more convenient, flexible and cost-effective than traditional single-function devices. Edex network appliances like UPM solution can implement the port-based security policy that provides complete and safe remote access control or discovery functions anytime over any devices connected to enterprise network, such as mobile PC, IP telephone, wireless AP, web camera, network printer server and so on. It indeed improves the performance of the network administrator, which has been handling complicated jobs daily, by making all tasks accurate and:

  • Small and medium business network appliances
  • S.O.H.O network appliances

Digital Signage Solutions:

As advertising continues to go digital over conventional signs, the digital signage is increasingly popular and diversified in public and private spaces, operating 24/7 as non-stop service. To efficiently broadcast dynamic digital contents to target audience, the reliable and eye-catching platform is the first step to open your successful communication like delivering information, commercials and promotions. Axiomtek presents digital signage platforms to help operators to manage and display content in various media format easily for powerful audience experiences.

  • Digital Signage Engine Box
  • Digital signage panel with build in enginer box
  • Embedded Microbox – Atom Series

Kiosk Solutions:

Kiosks and Self-service terminals are at every corner we turn and are becoming a popular choice for many. With many years of excellence in functionality and design, Edex’s kiosks and self-service terminals seamlessly bring together a powerful and complete information solution for the enormous Kiosk and POS markets.

  • information Panel pc system
  • Ebox embedded system
  • Industrial Panel dispay system

Telemetry and SCADA Solutions:

InduSoft Web Studio™

InduSoft Web Studio is a truly unique development and runtime software that incorporates all the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces. This highly flexible package allows users to develop applications once, and then deploy them on any supported Microsoft operating system, including Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Windows 7 and Windows Server editions.
InduSoft Web Studio provides access to data from anywhere, including PCs, embedded devices, mobile devices, and remote web browsers. InduSoft Web Studio includes over 240 drivers for all major PLC manufacturers, including Siemens, Beckhoff, Omron, GE, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Rockwell (Allen Bradley) and others.  InduSoft Web Studio also offers OPC UA and OPC Xi communication as well as OPC Classic (DA and HDA). Native security features allow users to take advantage of the full Microsoft Active Directory using the LDAP protocol.
Users can easily connect to any SQL database, and new configuration interfaces for FTP and SNMP allow you to quickly configure multimedia alarms and reports that can be sent to e-mail, smartphones, or a printer. InduSoft Web Studio offers the freedom to develop SCADA and HMI applications that can be easily and quickly deployed on any supported device.

  • Indusoft web studio
  • Industrial HMI panel
  • EZ data logger
  • Remote IO MODULES
  • Radio IO link

Industrial Communications Solutions:

To transport a large amount of data with high speed through great distances, the Ethernet can be an ideal to perform such task. In previous manner or carrying our unique tasks, numerous networks with specific protocols have to be installed side by side. With the previous method, there are higher project costs due to increased used of fiber optic and copper cables for the higher data volume. With Ethernet, only a single fiber optic cable is required and it can carry multiple protocols. Manufacturers worldwide are adopting protocols on the Ethernet. This is such as for any new IP based communication protocols and catering embedded web pages within devices that offer real time information through the use of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

  • Industrial managed switch
  • Ring redundancy network switch
  • Serial Device server
  • Media converter . RS 232/422/485 . Fiber / Ethernet converter