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Telemetry system malaysia

October 22nd, 2011

Telemetry system Malaysia — making use of Indusoft Web SCADA and ISAGRAF controller or RTU

In this issue, we would like to highlight to you that two basic components that make up a Versatile Telemetry system.

Indusoft Web SCADA :

Indusoft a product from USA is a Powerful SCADA & HMI Software interface that provides a very flexible integration of most telemetry systems.Whether you are in OIL and Gas, Manufacturing, Water and water treatment and On line Water quality system, Indusoft provide you a Versatile  and realiable platform in your telemetry system.

* Web ready support most web browser for remote viewing and control

* TCPIP communication protocol allow any  LAN / WAN / Internet data transfer.

* Enhanced Graphics interface provide you a more comprehensive animation and graphical representing of your data.

* ACtive X support allow most IP cameras to be viewed within Indusoft SCADA .

* Database integration – Indusoft provides a best data integration to any standard SCADA server eg. micorsoft   relational database ,SQL and ORACLE .

* SCADA to SCADA integration – Indusoft is capable of integrate to any existing SCADA software used in your existing telemetry system with the Indusoft’s partner by means of gateways and direct data transfer.

ISAGRAF Controller ( The WinPAC) that make up a powerful RTU that support all requirement by telemetry system as below :

1 .Communication / Radio communication / GSM / GPRS / 3G network

2. protocol support : Modbus/ IEC standard protocol etc.

3. Logic control – Pump, Valve, pneumatic equipment

4. Data logging – Historical log of of events and data captured.

5. instrumentation integration – Flow meters, Level sensors etc.

6. NVR integration – PTZ cameras or IP integration to RTU and SCADA

7. Web interface : Web server at RTU for remote viewing.

All the above are a must and needed in most of the telemetry system now a days. ISAGRAF can do it all for you.

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