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Telemetry system

June 21st, 2011

We at Edex Technology offers complete range of Telemetry components, Starting from SCADA software/ SCADA System, OPC device server, Industrial PC system and workstation Radio or Wireless devices such as Digital Radio, GSM /GPRS wireless system, GPRS /3G VPN solutions, programmable Automation controller, Remote Terminal unit ( RTU) and  field devices /IO modules.




Radio and Wireless devices :

AXEON GSM / GPRS solution/ Remote CCTV integration

We offer GSM /GPRS Modem, SMS Gateway, 2.4 Ghz Radio to serial equipment and GPRS /3G VPN for wireless data communication between SCADA and RTU.

Remote Terminal Unit / Programmable Automation Controller :

We offers different sizes of programmable controller that suitable for remote data collection and control application.

We have proven case study for the implementation for many industry  for the telemetry , Water distribution, water treament, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication equipments and facillity monitoring , Building management etc.

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PC based Automation Team.

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