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Xeon E3 network appliances

December 3rd, 2011

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High Performance Intel® Xeon® E3 Network Appliance Platform

xeon network appliance

Xeon network appliance

Edex products news :  Kuala Lumpur / Penang / Melaka /Cyberjaya/Singapore 1st April 2012

Edex is pleased to introduce NA550  an extremely high performance 1U rackmountable network appliance with maximum up to 26 Gigabit Ethernet ports thru PCIe interface and up to 6-group LAN bypass segment for medium and enterprise business markets. The outstanding NA-550 supports the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E3 series with Intel® C206 chipset as well as supports four high bandwidth DDR3 1333 MHz non-buffer non-ECC/ECC DIMM sockets up to 16GB memory. For greater flexible and easy maintenance, the communication appliance has three front-accessible expansion slots that allow developers to configure PCIe LAN modules based on their solution requirements. Powered by the new-generation Intel® Xeon® processor E3 series with flexible expansions, the rackmount network appliance is ideal for IDS/IPS, VPN, content filtering, UTM, network security applications, and cloud computing solution.


  • Intel® Sandy Bridge (Bromolow platform) processors
  • Four DIMM sockets support up to 16 GB unbuffered non-ECC/ECC memory (DDR3 1333, dual channel)
  • Supports LAN modules expansion
  • Supports BIOS redirected to COM port
  • Supports one 2.5″ SATA HDD
  • Suitable for VPN, network bandwidth controller, firewall applications

“Axiomtek’s brand-new NA-550 is built around the Intel® C206 chipset and supports the latest Intel® Sandy Bridge processors for today’s network appliance markets looking for the ultimate performance. With 1U-height form factor design, the slim type network appliance platform supports maximum up to 26 Gigabit network ports through various copper and/or SFP-type fiber interface modules. It also supports BIOS redirection to improve IT efficiency, and has up to 6-group LAN bypass function to ensure stable network connection. Additionally, considering to expansibility for users, one Mini PCI slot is available for third-party cards,” said Philip Wei, Product Manager of Product & Marketing Division at Axiomtek.

One of the most important features of the NA-550 is the three front-accessible slots for PCIe Gigabit modules. In order to meet various customer requirements, we provide eight extending PCIe Gigabit modules with multiple copper and fiber ports, including: 4-port copper module with/without LAN bypass function (AX93306-4GIL/AX93306-4GI), 8-port copper module with/without LAN bypass function (AX93306-8GIL/AX93306-8GI), 4-port copper plus 4-port fiber module with/without LAN bypass function (AX93306-8MIL/AX93306-8MI), 4-port fiber module (AX93306-4FI), and 8-port fiber module (AX93312-8FI). In addition to the two default Gigabit LAN ports, the standard NA-550 model comes with 4-port copper module with LAN bypass function (AX93306-4GIL) and 8-port copper module with LAN bypass function (AX93306-8GIL), supporting total fourteen Gigabit LANs and four groups of LAN bypass segments. This platform offer flexibility for varied application and markets.

The NA-550 has storage interfaces including one SATA 2.5” hard drive and advanced CFast™. For easy access, the front panel has one RS-232 RJ console port, two USB 2.0 ports, and LED indicators that monitor power and hard drive activities. The rear panel provides VGA, PS2 type keyboard and mouse connectors as well as one 32-bit 33MHz Mini PCI slot. Moreover, this network appliance supports mainstream Linux kernel 2.6 operating systems.

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