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Aveva Edge previously known as Indusoft web studio


Edex Technology would like to announce that the Indusoft Web studio is now AVeva Edge. Edex is continuing to support Aveva Edge to all the users and System integrators who is still having the software license key and all the licenses are still valid and able to run Aveva Edge range of product, namely standard SCADA, Embedded HMI, compact HMI and IoT view.

We are working with the AVeva’s local team to further enhance the service and support to those who has used and deployed the SCADA and HMI projects. Our dedicated local support team still available to continue to support and provide you the necessary training and consultancy if you need more information.

After more than 15 years of working with the Indusoft Web Studio, EDEX has got the best know how on handling the Aveva Edge ( Indusoft Web Studio).

Please do not hesitate to contact with  or whatsapp  to the following number +60123913131 or send us an email at info@edex.com.my  or call our office at +603-77731203.

we will be happy to get in touch and discuss further on your requirements relate to SCADA , HMI and IOT related projects.

Benefits of engaging  EDEX TECHNOLOGY  in SCADA and HMI solutions :- 

  • Dedicated technical support personnel to handle your case
  • More than 20 years experience in handling SCADA and HMI solutions
  • Reliable industrial computer integration.
  • Varieties of Innovative and cost efficient platform to choose.

you may still watch the Demo at the following link provided by AVeva.