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ICPDAS IoT Solutions Distributed by EDEX Technology Malaysia

Industry 4.0 Integration toolbox from IcpDas IoT solutions with Edex Technology

In the Era of digital transformation or Industry 4.0, more and more devices in the shop floor or production floor need to be connected for data analysis purpose.  Edex Technology Malaysia has pioneered this process about 20 years ago with technology partner like IcpDas , Indusoft and Axiomtek. With the advent of more IoT devices and IoT protocol, the time to market has greatly reduced and hence the affordability in gettting this done is increase tremendously.  Three major fields devices to allow to connect to the shop floors devices or sensors are as follows :  –

Remote Io modules:-

Remote I/O Module and Unit

Remote I/O Modules support a wide range of of field signals including including current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, and strain gauge with many protocols and interfaces.

Wireless Io modules :-

Wireless Communication

Realizing the data acquisition, management and status monitoring by wireless network has become a promising approach in a vast range of industrial applications. Robust industrial wireless products supporting for ZigBee, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, IR, LoRa,NB-IoT communication are offered.


IoT devices, controllers  and sensors :-


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the new cloud trend, which makes all the devices communicated with each other In industrial automation applications.

To further enhance development and tool to manage the devices and IO, EDEX is partnering with Axiomtek Malaysia to offer a full series of Industrial IoT gateway to cater for different needs in different Industries, namely , Smart building, Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Factory, Smart metering etc.

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