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Modbus gateway over 3G or LTE network

Modbus gateway over 3G or LTE network

We understand that the key component in all the implementation of IoT is the data collection.But, very often the data collection points are  located in a very remote area. Therefore, public mobile network is required to get connected the remote location for retrieving the data from the remote area.

Navigteworx’ LTE cellular router offer a feature to connect  between the Gateway and the remote IO modules, PLC or instruments. Solutions description as below:

This cellular router as Modbus Gateway (Based on TCP Client) and connect to Internet with SIM card.
A  serial device support Modbus RTU protocol and it will  send the data to NR500 router, the router will then convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.
At the remote side, it can be a Indusoft Web Studio SCADA software running on a Axiomtek IoT gateway. Assuming that it can get the Public Static IP address. Indusoft can receive the data format base on Modbus TCP protocol and display on its screen.


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