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VPN remote access with Navigateworx 4G Router

In the machine building industry, new machine bounds to have some debugging and modifying of program or codes in the Industrial PC or PLC. During the period of pandemic, remote Access has becoming more and more importance as there are lot of restriction in travelling. how are you going to achieve that with a direct plug and play solutions ?


Edex offer you a pair VPN solutions, that need least configuration. What you need is just a pair of Navigateworx router, one to be put in your office with internet and the other one will be installed at the machine or system that are going to deliver to sites.

With that, if you need to perform any add on function or modifying code, you just need to alert your remote partner to turn on the router at site and if will be automatically connected to your office network. That is where you can remotely program your machines and modify any codes that you need to.

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